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EMF Cancer Studies
EMF Radiation Reduction
Lyme Disease Treatment Alternatives

— EMF Cancer Studies —

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International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, pub.2013)
World Health Organization)

Overall Evaluation (p.419):
"Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields
are possibly carcinogenic to humans."

French Study (CERENAT) 2014

Conclusions (p.1):
"These additional data support previous findings concerning
a possible association between heavy mobile phone use
and brain tumors."

English Study
(Inferring the 1985-2014 impact of mobile phone use
on selected brain cancer subtypes...)

Conclusions (p.2):
" increased risk of developing malignant neoplasms in the temporal lobe."

Swedish Study
(Case-control study of the association between
malignant brain tumours diagnosed between 2007 and 2009
and mobile phone and cordless phone use)

"These findings (p.1) provide support for the hypothesis that
RF-EMFs play a role both in the initiation and
promotion stages of carcinogenesis."

— EMF Radiation Reduction —

Reduced Radiation Black & White eInk Displays

I've noticed a tremendous reduction in eye strain
with dramatic improvements in sleep and overall well being
since I began using one of these black-and-white 13" eInk displays to write with.
The stand is sold separately and is essential.

It's a good idea to get a couple of long USB cables
and a standard USB power supply
(the type that comes with a cell phone works fine)
to power the monitor remotely instead of expecting the ethernet hub to power it.
The hub can do it - unless you're backing up files via the hub -- then the hub struggles.

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USB Ethernet Extender Hub For Keyboard & Mouse

I use this hub to control my computer remotely.
The computer's radiation is far away in another room.

Don't expect the hub to power anything more than a flash drive, keyboard, and mouse.
For standard portable USB hard drives,
plug them in to the computer directly. Plugging them into the hub will burn them out.

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9V Power Extension

The USB extender requires remote power when backing up to a USB drive.

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HDMI Extension Cable

I use a similar cable to run my monitor. The computer sits in another room.

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HDMI Coupler To Connect eInk Display

Required to connect the HDMI cable to the monitor's cable.

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— Lyme Disease Treatment Alternatives —

The Buhner Lyme Protocol

The Buhner Lyme Protocol has been essential in saving my dog's life.
The Second Edition is about double the size of the First Edition.

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Brian Rosner's Lyme Books

Essential information on running a Doug Coil

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Doug Coil Machines

This is the exact same type of machine I used to save my dog's life.

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The Coil

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Chip's Smaller Rife Machine, The BCX Ultra

I have one of these and use it exactly the way Chip and Naomi do in Vibrate.

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I alternate running the Doug Coil between two sets of frequencies on my dog: Day 1: 690Hz, 610Hz, 484Hz, 790Hz -- Day 2: 864Hz, 620Hz, 465Hz -- about 2 minutes on each of seven locations around his body including his head. Sometimes I skip several days depending on how he's feeling, running, breathing

Stephen Buhner's core protocol includes Hu Zhang, Cat's Claw, Gou Teng (for neuroborrelliosis - i.e. bad attitude), and others. His website (including dosages) can be found here:

WARNING: FIRST, many of these herbs deplete vitamins and potassium. Some subjects may require quite a lot of potassium to avoid either leg cramps (if prone to low blood pressure) or to reduce high blood pressure. Potassium, when combined with Dan Shen, is excellent at lowering blood pressure -- about one-eighth teaspoon, or a 00 gelatin capsule, each of Dan Shen and Potassium Citrate for each 22 lbs. of body weight, taken 3-4 times a day. I ALWAYS start small! Test blood pressure frequently. From what I've seen, leg cramps disappear and high blood pressure diminishes as you approach that level.

SECOND WARNING: These herbs may SEVERELY deplete Vitamin C! Though dogs, unlike humans, can produce their own Vitamin C, when dogs are ill they require extra Vitamin C, so that their resources can be used for other disease-fighting purposes. Combined with the depletion caused by using these herbs, older dogs especially cannot manufacture enough Vitamin C to keep up. Substantial megadoses are required to protect a dog from developing additional symptoms that frequently begin with weakness in the legs, lungs, or heart! Vitamin C helps to reduce the effects of the prolonged chronic use of non-ionizing radiation described in Vibrate.

Though Stephen Buhner's book is a vast assembly of information -- the best on Lyme I've found, a word of caution: two of the herbs Stephen recommends, Chuan Xin Lian (Andrographis) and Fen Fang Ji (Stephania) are very bitter, cold, and drying. Especially if you live in an area like the Southwestern United States -- Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and possibly Utah and Wyoming, you may find that the use of these two herbs can make a dog, or a person, throw up. The problem is easily avoided by mixing a teaspoon of Sida Acuta (wireweed) into the water your dog drinks your herbs down with. Sida is excellent for the digestion. The best way is to grind it all up with the dogfood in a blender.

Reaction to Chuan Xin Lian may not always be an allergy as Stephen's book suggests, but may be in the basic nature of these herbs. As put forth in John & Tina Chen's excellent reference book for anyone using herbs: Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology, Chan Xin Lian: "may injure stomach qi." The book also states that Fen Fang Ji "is damaging to the middle jiao." These herbs, I've found, are not ideal for use in areas of the country which are exceptionally dry or arid. They may possibly work better for those who have Lyme more adapted to damp heat, not dry heat. However, Chuan Xin Lian (Andrographis) is probably the best Lyme killer at present.