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How To Write A Great Review

Writing a great review is simpler than you might think, and has a lot in common with writing a great novel.

Consider the last new book you loved reading. Probably one of the things you enjoyed most was its uniqueness. Remember saying: “Wow! I’ve never read anything like that before!”

In the very best reviews, the information presented is found nowhere else. Do recyled phrases like “It kept me on the edge of my seat," or "I couldn’t put it down,” make a review worth reading? Then how do you make your review different than anyone else’s and express what you were really feeling when you read this work of art?

The most overlooked source of inspiration is the book itself!

Your new favorite author spent months refining until the book was written in the smoothest, most emotional, perfect words the author could find to express conflict and emotion. Why not quote them? The author certainly won’t mind. Take a look at the copyright notice. Most contain the phrase “. . . electronic sharing is prohibited, except for review purposes . . . ” That’s how mine read. Take a look: Look Inside -- click or tap the book cover then scroll up a little. We want you to quote us! It’s a tremendous compliment!

Next time you write a review, think back through the story. Take a second to do a quick search on your ereader and find that paragraph you really loved -- and quote it! Then, point out to the person who’s going to read your review why it got to you so much! I guarantee you’ll be absolutely unique. Watch your reviews climb in the standings. And where it asks "Was this review helpful?” people will click: YES.

Happy Reviewing,