miles a. maxwell's

State Of Reason

Book Club Discussion Questions

1. Did Franklin go too far with Chuck? Did he overstep moral bounds?

2. Does Andréa make a good match for Everon?

3. Was it altruism, what Franklin and Everon did on the subway?

4. What is altruism?

5. Was it altruism, what they did on the bridge?

6. What could they have done differently to achieve their common goal?

7. What do you suspect it is that has caused Franklin and Everon to be separated for so long?

8. In a crisis this severe, what keeps the brothers from losing their ability to think rationally?

9. The other people on the helicopter, when their deaths appear imminent, why do their thoughts turn to those things they turn to?

10. Are the brothers always thinking rationally throughout the story? If not, when?

11. What do you think is in Cynthia’s briefcase that she puts into the file cabinet, and why is it important to the story?

1. Sex plays a very important role in Search For Reason. Why is that? Specifically, what effect does sex have on Franklin's self-esteem, his outlook on life, his motivations, his values, his philosophy? What is the result? From where does his skepticism and suspicion of his own pleasure in sex originate?

2. What do the symbols at the beginning of each chapter, and those symbols separating parts of chapters, represent?

3. How was Harry-Ting radiated?

4. What is the conceptual relationship between the changes that take place within Franklin and the struggle Everon goes through to restore power?

5. What is the unique defining characteristic Franklin sees in Christianity compared with other religions? Do self-proclaimed "Christian" politicians live up to this unique ideal? Should they? Is it a good thing?

6. What do the Mormon Plates have to do with the gold tablet and it's rediscovered verses of the Qur'an?

7. What does kidnapping religious leaders have to do with these gold plates? Who's kidnapping them and why?

8. How do these events and artifacts relate to Michael Joy?

9. How does the tiny circuit Everon finds in the warehouse and the one inside Franklin's wafer relate to these events?

10. In terms of mind manipulation, how mentally influential can religious verses be? Why?

11. What is the biggest factor in Franklin's life-changing decision regarding his church? What are the other contributing factors?

12. Where are his church's additional funds coming from? Why?

13. What is Ralph most afraid of?

14. Have you ever been hypnotized and used it to change your life? Do you think it is possible?

15. How prepared are you to survive the kind of attacks that take place in New York and Virginia Beach?

16. Why are you, or, why aren't you? Is that a sufficient reason?

17. Do you think a series of disasters like this could really happen? Why or why not?

18. Why does Franklin have a problem with Everon repairing Hunt's power network?

19. Why is Zhou so determined to find Harry-Ting?

20. Why is he so intent on killing Franklin? Why does Zhou do what he does to the Adlans?

21. What is it Victoria values most in Franklin? What does he value most in her? Any suspicion as to what her "secret" might be?

22. Is the FBI on the right track? Are the White Separatists really behind these nuclear attacks?

Miles A. Maxwell -- out of Cheyenne, Wyoming -- is the author of Loss Of Reason, Search For Reason, Finding Reason and Drone (Prequel) in the State Of Reason mystery series, and the Naomi Soul mystery-thriller series Die By The Pen and Vibrate.