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As the world deteriorates, one place begins to thrive.

Growing, innovating, flourishing, people here build with astonishing speed and quality. Health, water, food, new homes, communications, transportation — those living in the State of Reason seem able to solve any problem.

A political state to the outside world, inside, a mere association of individuals — some wealthy, others once poor, now wealthy soon to be. Apparently the State of Reason has it all.

Trouble looms on the horizon.

Malcontents seek to destroy this newly gestating haven of progress. Joy, Praeger, Claus, Zhou, a dozen interested countries work to bring down the State of Reason.

Franklin, Everon, Victoria, Samua, Hunt, Mary, Ray, Jacob, Naomi and the rest must create solutions to problems the world has never seen — both within and outside the State of Reason — to avoid catastrophe.