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Franklin has been taken by government agents.

Falsely accused of murder and other crimes, his reputation disintegrates. Millions desert him. His astonishing evidence exposing a world-shaking conspiracy seems only as reliable as the man who assembled it.

The government claims it doesn't know where Franklin is.

Only Everon, Victoria, Samua, and his true friends are left to attempt his rescue. They can save many things they value but are powerless to save him. In subtle ways they too are being held against their will.

Zhou, killer of millions . . .

(“Always the Americans! Always the sea!”) plots his next attack on the United States. Michael Joy, savior of the masses, expands his worldwide base of power. Praeger, Claus, and their associates weave an unbreakable web of deceit and control.


. . . by the most evil people the world has ever known, Franklin begins to understand that to escape his captors he must first escape what he used to be. Only then can he find a way to insure that no one can ever do this again.

"The young can't understand old tears, boy. They haven't had enough time to truly love."
— Grandma Del, Escape To Reason