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Someone Franklin loves has been killed.

And another person close to him, incapable of defending herself, has been taken. But Franklin is on the run for his life and doesn't even know they’re gone.

His loyal friends’ tremendous wealth . . .

. . . is unspendable and scattered to far points of the globe as another U.S. city is destroyed. Millions seeking refuge, instead of innovating solutions or reproducing what they’ve lost, turn to Michael Joy’s People of the Book.

Zhou Attacks — Joy Reacts

Completely out of control, Zhou’s new attack kills millions more. Joy moves into the political arena, as his growing worldwide religious success continues, and the government violates the rights of millions, restricting freedoms long assumed.

Food shortages . . .

. . . spread from Mexico to the United States. Power failures and lack of farm machinery parts have both countries on the ropes. Mexico owes it’s creditors a tremendous amount of money — Chinese yuan and US dollars — but the dollar is in free fall. Once again the United States is unable to help.

Interests and Stars Align

With his ancestor’s guidance, Franklin, along with Victoria, Samua, and Everon, rediscover a fortune missing for decades and a solution — a new way of protecting the people he cares about most.

"For the right price, you could probably buy the whole damn thing."
— Miguel de Allende, Buying Reason