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A famous author and his wife are found dead in their East Florida beach home -- with no apparent cause. Something outrageous has been done to the bodies.

Another best-selling author is killed on the other side of Florida. This time the cause of death is obvious. Are the two murders related? Connected? The MOs are completely different.

More famous corpses are discovered. Clearly someone's killing authors using the methods in their stories. The killers appear to be unstoppable, and to have some mad, crazy plan.

Enter former Olympic athlete FBI Agent Naomi Soul and her best friend Agent Xue Sang: The crème de la crème of the pop literary world's best chance to survive.

Naomi Soul plays a crucial role in Franklin, Victoria and Everon's investigation -- figuring out who destroyed New York -- in forthcoming Book 3 of the State Of Reason Mystery: Finding Reason.

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A terrorist readies a strike on the United States using freely available technology, without risking his life!

It could happen anywhere, anytime, perpetrated by anyone, for next to nothing!

A Constitutional crisis!

An unelectible candidate ready to take the Presidency against the will of the people.

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Distant for many years, Franklin out of Pennsylvania and his step-brother Everon out of Nevada are connected by a single link:

Their sister Cynthia.

Enter The Nightmare

A nuclear bomb is detonated in New York. Banker, wife, mother, Cynthia lives in New York.

The military has quarantined the city. All bridges and tunnels have been destroyed or blocked. Easterly winds have forced the bomb's huge radiation cloud out over Long Island. But the wind is about to change.

Franklin climbs mountains and truly understands people. Everon can fly anything. And Cynthia's brothers are determined to find her.

If it were your sister,
what would you do?

***A ripping good tale of how intelligence and determination can overcome the near-impossible. And The true price of altruism.

One Of The Most Disturbing Stories You'll Ever Read

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Who did it?

Someone bombed New York. In a near miss on Washington, a second city has been destroyed. Is it militant Muslims? White Separatists? Russia? China? North Korea? Or the worst serial killer of all time—not taking one life or even twenty, but four million?

No One Knows

Lost religious texts appear. Entire faiths are rocked to their foundations. Well-known, highly-respected clerics thought to have been killed by the New York and Virginia City bombs are being kidnapped . . .

For two brothers Franklin and Everon, the loss, the motivation, is very personal.

While Everon’s team struggles to restore a power system devastated by the bombs’ EMP, Franklin works to restore the personal power of individuals in his emotionally distraught congregation, and those behind the bombs begin to reveal themselves. As clues come fast and furious, the brothers’ own lives become imperiled when the bombers’ sights are set on them.

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No Hope

They were going down. There was no way around it.

Every system on the big jet was out. The overheads. Control gauges. Wing lights. Every light on the Gulfstream was dark. Under normal circumstances, Franklin might have asked the man in the pilot’s seat next to him, “What would cause something like this to happen?” How can all these systems go down at the same time? And under normal circumstances, busy as Franklin’s older brother was, Everon would have answered. Perhaps a grunt, a shouted mumble. It’s the kind of man Everon was. Under normal circumstances.

Except for one minor detail.

The big plane was totally out of Everon’s control. And it was upside down. It was all Franklin could do to hang from his seat harness in the dark and hold onto the infant in his arms, his baby niece Melissa. He was frightened out of his mind.

The jet’s engines were winding down, their pitch dropping, losing power. Yet the overall sound of the big plane, the whistling wind over the wings and fuselage, was rising in pitch and volume. And the plane’s nose felt to be dropping more and more vertical. Straight down.

Franklin clutched Melissa to his chest, bile rising in his throat, and wanted to throw up. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! BAM! Screams from the back passenger compartment. The fuselage felt like it was twisting, tearing itself apart, about to rip itself to pieces in mid air. Pieces that would in the next few moments be scattered all over eastern New York State.


In a few seconds it will all be over, Franklin wondered. Are we high enough that when the jet’s skin ruptures, the sudden lack of oxygen will knock us out? Or once the plane disintegrates will it be simply the terror of falling through cold space that kills us?


“What was that?” Franklin yelled.